AEG provides Quality Assurance Monitoring during asbestos abatement projects. Our survey assessments are designed to ensure contractor compliance with specifications and all applicable laws. AEG’s goal is to promptly identify and correct problem areas common to any abatement project before job safety or productivity is impacted.

  • Air Monitoring: Pre-samples are collected to record ambient conditions before abatement or remediation activities. These results along with our judgment of the existing conditions form the basis for selecting protective equipment. Daily air monitoring during the project ensures proper containment and removal methods within the work area. Independent final air monitoring is performed in conjunction with visual inspection at the completion of the project.
  • Supervision and Inspection: Each project is assigned a project manager and at least one industrial hygienist for field supervision. The contractor is continuously monitored for compliance with environmental, health and safety aspects of project specifications or applicable regulations. Our trained personnel use protective equipment to enter the work area daily in order to observe contractor practices, schedule and potential problems.
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation: Field generated documents such as daily site inspection checklists, personal logs, industrial hygienist air test data and other pertinent data is kept on file. Additionally, Contractor submittal packages, proof of insurance, proof of licensing, worker certifications, and project notifications are collected and reviewed by the Project Manager. At the completion of the project, our documentation package is assembled with all relevant project records. A bound copy is presented containing Certificate of Completion, Precise Records of Waste Leaving Site, Progress Reports, Waste Manifests from Landfill, Sign-in Sheets, OSHA Testing Data and Air Test Analysis Records.

Strict adherence to applicable laws, and health and safety concerns distinguishes AEG as a company dedicated to limiting liability associated with the abatement process. AEG’s approach to project management assures cost effective, timely completion of the project.