Phase I surveys are conducted to assist with a potential real estate transaction concerning the property. An AEG Industrial Hygienist/REA-I will perform the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the requested property. The assessment will be conducted by utilizing generally accepted Phase I ESA industry standards in accordance with the ASTM Standard Practice E 1527-05 and the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Final Rule. AAI requirements must be rigorously followed and completed to qualify for CERCLA landowner liability protection in accordance with 1980, The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). The ASTM/AAI Final Rule describes these methodologies as representing good commercial and customary practice for conducting an ESA of a property for the purpose of identifying recognized environmental conditions.

The Phase-I ESA will identify whether or not there are any evidence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) in connection with the Property. An electronic database property search will be ordered through Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR once AEGs services have been accepted. The EDR is designed to provide detailed site information obtained from Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Historical Topographic Maps, Historic City Directories and Aerial Photographs. Prior Investigation Reports and Knowledgeable Parties will be reviewed in conjunction with this survey. Non-ASTM Items will also be considered and identified (not sampled….that’s a Phase II function) during the survey (Asbestos, Lead Based Paint, Radon and IAQ concerns).

The Phase I ESA Report will meet/exceed ASTM Standard E 1527 and the AAI Final Rule and may include:

  • Thorough site reconnaissance with a review of neighboring property use
  • Review of multiple historical sources, including aerial photographs, historical maps, and city directories
  • Review of regulatory agency records, including contacts with local fire, health, building, and water quality agencies
  • Thorough interviews of knowledgeable property representatives, including owners, occupants, neighbors, etc.
  • Review of a 1-mile radius regulatory agency data-base report with maps
  • Inclusion of maps and digital color site photographs
  • Review of physical setting information, including site topography, geology, and hydrology
  • Visual survey of asbestos, lead, and PCB-containing building materials and equipment

The AEG surveyor will supply the property manager/owner/rep with a 3-page ESA Questionnaire via email prior to the survey date. The AEG surveyor will perform a walk-through of the entire property with the property manager/owner/rep looking at all areas. The AEG surveyor will use a 25-page Phase I checklist to help perform the survey. The Final ESA Report will be completed within twenty (20) business days and sent with all database and photo attachments – via Fed-Ex to the lender/customer.