American Environmental Group has the resources and experience to implement environmental solutions in large scale health care facilities. We provide the testing and documentation needed to keep facilities running safely and properly at all times. Our trained staff will identify problems, reduce risks, and improve room conditions. The data we provide will outline problems with the facility and allow them to be corrected while being certified in the process. AEG will work with the health facility contractors to administer effective infection control program. Our mission is to protect the staff, patients, and visitors during our operation.

AEG’s strengths are the vast wealth of knowledge and experience we bring to our clients in dealing with indoor air quality and hazardous materials. AEG has conducted thousands of surveys for both our residential and commercial buildings and offers a wide range of various environmental consulting services including, but not limited to: our asbestos, lead and mold surveys, air sampling, design and from management of hazardous material abatement projects, indoor air quality studies, site assessments, personnel exposure from air monitoring programs, industrial hygiene, thermal imaging and industry training.

AEG exclusively utilizes AIHA accredited laboratories which are fully compliant with ISO 17025 standards (General requirements for the compliance of calibration and testing laboratories).

Our company has successfully completed projects for various types if clients including: Los Angeles Unified School District, Department of Navy, State of California Real Estate Services Division, Regional and Local State Hospitals, Government Industries, Home Developers, Property Management Companies, Homeowners and Insurance Carriers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service at fair prices to each and every one of our valuable clients.