What is a Post Remediation Verification (PRV)  Assessment?

A PRV Post Remediation Verification is an assessment of the remediation activities performed by a professional remediation
company after it has removed all mold growth and prepared the area for AEG’s inspection.

 AEG’s requirements to confirm the remediation activities were successful

  1. No breach in the containment that could cause cross contamination in other areas not affected
  2. No visible dust or debris inside of subject containment
  3. No visible staining that could be associated with potential mold growth
  4. All affected building materials must have acceptable moisture levels – no elevated moisture
  5. Temperature and Relative Humidity must be acceptable
  6. The total indoor airborne mold spore samples collected inside the subject containment (s) must be acceptable when compared to the outside (control) samples.

If all of AEG’s criteria above is met a Post Remediation Verification report will be produced confirming the remediation activities were successful and AEG has no further recommendations!