After a loss or during facility construction, maintenance or refurbishment, AEG will perform a complete assessment to detect elevated moisture content and potential microbial contamination within building materials. The assessment includes our visual survey, moisture measurements (utilizing a protimeter and/or a thermal imaging camera), d/or surface sampling, temperature and relative humidity readings (utilizing hydrometer) as well as collecting the history of the property and the loss. Laboratory analysis of the samples will help determine the condition of the building, of the building materials and/or air quality.

Our consultants will address the impacts from water intrusion, which is a precursor to mold, as well as potential bacteria in water-damaged walls, floors, ceilings and HVAC systems. Our Industrial Hygienists have completed thousands of mold and bacterial consulting projects for architects, contractors, developers, insurers, investors, owners and planners nationwide.

Whether your project involves a multi-story commercial office structure, shopping mall, convention center, hotel/resort, residences, stadium, academic or other commercial facility, AEG can help you avoid and/or address the impacts of water intrusion before or after it occurs. When contaminants are suspected from property damage, AEG’s professionals stand ready to help you. We will identify the contaminants, help you prepare a remediation plan and even monitor your project during remediation or abatement. Once remediation or abatement is completed, an AEG consultant will perform a Post Remediation Verification Assessment or an Abatement Clearance Assessment to ensure that the activities were successful and reconstruction may begin.