American Environmental Group maintains internal standards that exceed those recognized by legal regulations and industry consensus. AEG understands the importance of strong regulatory compliance as a way to achieve industry leadership and to implement the appropriate balance between the objectives and priorities of our clients, employees, and communities where we work. We benchmark the value of our services by performing over and above the traditional criteria accepted and in accordance with all standards. We approach all projects with our company core values in mind.

Mission Statement
To surpass the industry’s most stringent expectations and to continually be recognized as one of the premier environmental firms nationwide in the dynamic world of Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Concerns while providing unparalleled customer service and maintaining our superior reputation amongst our clients.
To Provide Solutions….One Project at a Time.

Vision Statement

Our vision is simple: to assure the healthiest indoor air environments for our clients. We achieve this by utilizing the most advanced methodologies and technologies, and bringing to our clients an unparalleled service experience. We as a company envision sharing our expertise with our clients in order to help improve the environment one project at a time.

Values Statement

We treat each and every job and client with the time, attention and service as if it is our only one. To put ourselves in our customer’s place, every day, every time and apply a proactive approach to anticipate the needs of our clients and to mitigate their risk as much as absolutely possible.

Ethics and Principles
Full compliance with both the spirit and the letter of all applicable laws, processes, regulations and AEG policies is the responsibility of every one of our team members. We work in one of the most regulated industries in the world.

As a client, you can expect our staff to:

  • Understand and comply with relevant laws, regulations and compliance processes that apply to your project
  • Ensure that basic processes are effectively implemented and compliant with all state and federal requirements and regulations
  • Maintain standards of personal and business ethics that exceed those required

We take our business ethics seriously. When working on solutions for a project, we are always aware of and seeking fundamental facts such as: 

  • Who and what does the client’s environmental issue(s) affect?
  • What are the best solution(s) to the client’s challenge(s) for all involved, including the company and its employees?
  • Do the solutions impact anyone or anything further than the company and its employees? If so, how?
  • Which solutions best reflect the client’s company core values?

Each project comes with its own unique set of questions to be asked and answered, but all projects need a baseline of ethical questions in order to create solutions that are both ethical and sustainable. We also vet out any unjustified claims that may be part of a client’s overall challenge.

The American Environmental Group Commitment

  • To bring to our clients the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in the field
  • To assess any and all environmental issues with the latest and most advanced methodologies and technologies available
  • To perform to the highest standards and execute projects quickly and efficiently
  • To create planned solutions designed to last long-term and be executed in the most cost-effective way
  • To help with preventative environmental maintenance
  • To handle all projects with the utmost discretion
  • To evaluate environmental risk with full adherence to regulatory standards
  • To see our company commitment come to life through every decision our employees make on a daily basis
  • To always uphold our Mission, Vision and Values