Infrared Thermography Services

What Is Thermography & How Does It Work?

Infrared Thermography is a technique that produces an image of infrared light emitted by objects due to emitted heat that is usually invisible to the human eye. Specialized thermal imaging cameras can spot these temperature differences, which could be an indicator of the source of a potential problem, be it moisture in your walls, the presence of a mold colony, and more. Because objects are rarely precisely the same temperature as other objects around them, a thermal imaging camera can detect differences between materials which will appear as distinct in a thermal image.

What is the Value of a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

At American Environmental Group, our FLIR e-Series infrared cameras help catch problems quickly, diagnose them correctly, and develop more effective solutions to stop damage from spreading. We use infrared thermal imaging tofind moisture damage without the use of any destructive testing in order to minimize costly downtime. Our infrared cameras also incorporate temperature measurements that allow us to make well-informed judgments about the condition of a structure. Property owners and their insurers faced with a claim alleging mold infestation will find the tools of infrared inspection services essential to the decision process and proper maintenance of the structure.

How Is an Infrared Thermography Inspection Helpful in Detecting Water Damage?

The problem faced by most property owners is that moisture behind walls, over ceilings, and under floors is often impossible to detect until the problem is visible to the naked eye, at which point it’s too late and you are likely facing an extensive repair and mold remediation process. AEG uses infrared technology to do what once was impossible: Spot the problem before it gets to this point.

Moisture mapping using infrared thermal imaging technology can help our team of Industrial Hygienists and Building Inspectors spot any potential problems and fix them before they can create serious issues for you, your structure, your workers, and your business as a whole.

At AEG, we understand how important it is for you to stay a step ahead of problems, and our dedicated service is committed to helping you detect these problems and find solutions. Call (818) 865-7901 to learn more.

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